Through the years, no matter what her subject from stories about oil workers, bombings and bombing survivors, mass school shootings, the homeless rebuilding their lives, an artist chasing a dream or landmark medical procedures that allow the once paralyzed to move again, her work generates a feeling in the viewer of what is actually going on in the everyday lives of people, that their experience becomes the experience of the viewer.

Lauren directs, field produces, makes films and video content both independently and for individuals and companies on projects across the globe. Including but not limited for ITV America, Investigation Discovery, Silver & Light, Inc and the Silver & Light project, ABC Primetime, Sirens, and her own Vance Studios to name a few. Her previous experiences also includes working with 60 Minutes Vice President of Special Programing/Senior Producer Michael Radutzky and being a member of the team who developed CBS This Morning featuring Charlie Rose, Gayle King, and Norah O’Donnell; where once the show launched she wrote, developed and produced a series of specialized stories for it and all CBS News platforms. Her latest short film, The Carnival of Dreams, made it to throughout national film festivals and as a featured BAFTA doc and to the annual Exposure Festival in the Middle East.  Other than her own experience growing up in Germantown, Maryland – a small rural town 25 miles outside of Washington, DC - she had no prior training in journalism, the field where she began. It’s become Lauren’s strength, her ability to be open to a character’s story and unique way into her subject matter that has gained her recognition and awards, including an Emmy Award. Lauren began her journalism career as a special projects and medical producer, producing and working on over 40 major in depth medical stories and specials, including for ABC Primetime and National News programs through the years. Including worldwide exclusive medical breakthroughs and being on the front lines, operating rooms and inside patients’ homes. Last, but not least, no matter where Lauren lives or travels she continues to participate and volunteer in Lauren’s family’s business – education and public service – remaining an active member and voice in Montgomery County, Maryland where her father the late Dr. Paul L. Vance was the two-term school superintendent there and in Washington, DC public schools.